Cemeteries Information


Burial information for those buried in our local Jewish cemeteries can be found by using the database, maps, and grave finder on the tabs to the right.

For any other information about our local cemeteries including purchasing a plot or visitation please find the contact information to the right below. 


For additional assistance contact Jewish Federation of Central MA at 508-756-1543 or Director@jfcm.org.

*Cemetery abbreviations:

WH = Worcester Hebrew Cemetery
CK = Chevra Kadisha Cemetery
HC = Hope Cemetery
BB = B'nai Brith Cemetery

B’nai B’rith Cemetery
Contact: Dan Margolis (646) 326-1141


Chevra Kadisha Cemetery
Contact: Lew Lasky (508) 753-1097

Worcester Hebrew Cemetery
Contact: Bernie Rotman (508) 864-8286

For all other inquires contact

Jewish Federation of Central MA (508)756-1543