Passport to Israel

Passport to Israel is a savings incentive program that encourages families to start saving early for a child's educational Israel experience. The Jewish community believes that this type of experience is important for our youth.

The Jewish Federation of Central Massachusetts administers this community partnership with families and sponsoring congregations to make an Israel experience more affordable. Participating organizations help families enroll in Passport to Israel and make contributions.

Everyone gains from Passport to Israel:

Teens strengthen their Jewish identity through a concrete connection to Jewish history, and contemporary Israeli society and culture.

Families earn additional funds to send their children on Israel trips.

Synagogues value trips to Israel and encourage families to enroll in the Passport program

The Jewish Federation of Central Massachusetts fulfills its mission to strengthen bonds between Jewish communities in Central Massachusetts, Israel, and around the world.

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Do you already belong to Passport to Israel and need an application to travel?  Click here to download the application.