The Case for the Giving Campaign


Whatever path you take on your Jewish journey, federation can provide directions. We’re a strong, caring community that cherishes compassion and social justice-values that have guided our people for thousands of years.


Here at Home….in Israel….and Around the World


  • Your dollars provide our community with educational opportunities for our young to experience their Judaism in many different ways
    1. Family education at our area synagogues and temples
    2. Faculty and resources to meet the Jewish educational requirements of special needs children in our Hebrew schools
    3. Scholarships for families to send their children to Hebrew  schools, Jewish camps, Israel programs
    4. Funds to support Birthright Israel
    5. Hillel on our community campuses
    6. The Young Emissary Program


  • Your dollars help to support families in need.
    1. Emergency funds
    2. counseling
    3. resources
    4. Food supplies through Rachel’s Table
    5. Soup kitchens
    6. Shelters for abused women


  • Your dollars keep our elderly living with dignity
    1. Social and educational programming
    2. Friendly visits
    3. Meals programs
    4. Home health care program
    5. Senior Centers


  • Your dollars help meet the needs of a changing community profile
  1. Outreach efforts to engage the unaffiliated and the marginally affiliated
  2. Creation of community leadership programs
  3. New cultural and social opportunities for people to connect to community.
  4. Immediate response to crises around the world.
  5. Home delivery of the Ledger to keep you informed.

If you would like to make a donation to help community members needing assistance, please click the link below.


You can double or triple your impact with a matching gift from your company.  Click to see a partial list of companies that match gifts.  Check with your HR department to see if your company is one of them.

Toby Richmond Memorial Fund


Toby was an extraordinary supporter of our Jewish community and worked tirelessly on behalf of all of our agencies and organizations. She was a tremendous force for good and her presence will certainly be missed.  

If you would like to make a donation to the Toby Richmond Memorial Fund, please contact