Jewish Ledger

Since our founding in 1929, the Jewish Ledger has been dedicated to furthering Jewish life in our state and serving the community. Today, over 70 years later, we remain dedicated to that purpose.

The Ledger serves the Central and Western Massachusetts areas with a monthly printed edition.

The Ledger continues to be Connecticut’s only weekly Jewish newspaper. It is your best source for news about current events, people and issues in our local Jewish communities across the state.

The Ledger is an independent newspaper. The Ledger is directly responsible only to our subscribers. That gives us the freedom to report the news about the Jewish world–local, statewide, national and international. Independence means that, along with community calendars and announcements, we are able to publish controversial, hard-hitting stories about local and national issues.

Our readers know that, no matter what the topic is, the Ledger will report the news fairly and fearlessly. And they also know that our pages are always open to the complete spectrum of Jewish opinion, as some of the best writers from all sectors of Jews life appear in our pages.

Each year, we continue to win awards from our peers in the world of journalism. We have been recognized by the New England Press Association, American Jewish Press Association and the Society of Professional Journalists, Connecticut Chapter. And, as an indication of our standing in the world of Jewish journalism, our articles, features, and columns are reprinted regularly in dozens of other Jewish newspapers across the nation.

Our base of advertisers is growing on a weekly basis, and we thank them for their support. Their decision to choose the Jewish Ledger as a forum which serves their business needs is a tribute to the power of the Ledger.

Our website reaches readers worldwide. Access information from all of our publications including All Things Jewish® magazine, our comprehensive community directory.

We are proud of our accomplishments and look forward to our continued growth.