Clark University Hillel

950 Main Street, PO Box B28
Worcester, MA 01610

P: (508)793-7296

Clark Hillel is the student group that celebrates Jewish culture, identity, pluralism, and community.  We are proud to be Clark's most visible, most collaborative, and most active student group.  And we have the most student members of any group on campus.  We welcome everyone to our events, students and non-students, Clarkies and folks from other schools, Jews and non-Jews, but we primarily serve students from the Colleges of Worcester Consortium schools.  Our current membership includes more than 300 Clark undergraduate and graduate students who have asked to be on our mailing list and smaller groups of students attending Worcester Polytechnic Institute, University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester, and other area schools.

Programs and Activities:

Our programs include a wide range of Jewish holiday services, social events, informal classes, and social action programs.  We aspire to integrate students with the local Jewish community and to encourage the development of their leadership skills and Judaic knowledge.  We work to educate the entire community, Jews and non-Jews, about Jewish history, culture, and religion.  We try to present a model of Judaism that is inclusive, accessible, and welcoming; one that is joyful and fun, passionate and justice driven, delicious and filling.

On average, we sponsor or co-sponsor 30 to 35 programs each month.  Every Friday evening when classes are in session, we gather for student led Sabbath evening (erev Shabbat) services (usually two different styles of services at the same time) and a full kosher Sabbath (Shabbat) dinner.   Students also plan and lead holy day services throughout the year.  We also have student led social, cultural, and educational programs covering a wide array of subjects from Israel and Zionism to Yiddish to Jewish roots of comedy, and alternative breaks with intensive, hands on community service opportunities.


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