The Jewish Federation of Central Massachusetts is dedicated to the preservation and enrichment of Jewish life.

Established in 1948, Federation is the central planning and fundraising organization for educational, social, and cultural activities for the Jewish community of Central Massachusetts. Federation embraces meaningful philanthropy, hands-on volunteerism, and shared commitment. Through the Annual Community Campaign and the efforts of hundreds of volunteers, Federation helps support and promote vital programs and services that knit our community together.

Working in partnership with national Jewish Federations of North America, Federation also helps thousands of people annually in Israel and around the world. Federation resources help rescue the imperiled, comfort the distressed, and revitalize Jewish life. Through the Federation Campaign, we stand together so no Jew stands alone.


Global events shape the Federation

Committed, caring individuals and purposeful, effective service organizations have always been the basic components of the Jewish Federation of Central Massachusetts.  But it is the flexibility of those individuals and organizations to meet and adapt to ongoing challenges that is the real strength of the Federation.  And so it was from its start.

In a post World War 11 world, returning soldiers, refugees and Holocaust survivors enriched a community and afforded it the opportunity to help rebuild Jewish lives.  The emergence of the State of Israel, the homeland that Jews all around the world had prayed for, provided a new sense of pride and well being that had not been present for centuries.  Our Jewish community came forward to support that fledgling nation through activism, advocacy and philanthropy.  Later, seismic shifts in world politics brought millions of Jews from the former Soviet Union to Israel and America and the Worcester Jewish community hastened to play its part in integrating one of the last remnants of our people.

To meet these needs, members of the “Greatest Generation” first acted by uniting the Jewish Community Council and the Jewish Welfare Fund to found the Federation.  Their vision and deeds built the foundation upon which the Jewish community functions today.


Creative programs fill community needs.
As the community grows and matures, new needs arise.  These are met with the trademark qualities of activism and philanthropy that have served it so well.  Today, through state of the art facilities and programs, the Federation and its member agencies care for the sick and elderly in community wide programs that assist everyone, regardless of faith, and counsel them through social and support services.

The poor and disadvantaged are helped with services that empower themselves and their families while providing assistance in housing, scholarships for schools and camps and emergency assistance.

Rachel’s Table, a presidential Point of Light recipient, collects prepares and distributes thousands of pounds of food each week to area shelters and soup kitchens.

And, in a continuing bond to the Jewish people’s home-land Israel, the Federation funds programs that build bridges between the Jewish community of Central Massachusetts and its Partnership 2Gether community of Afula/Gilboa.

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